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Orthoplex ElderForte 60 tablets

Orthoplex ElderForte 60 tablets

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OrthoplexElderForte is a first-line immune  formulation created specifically with the traditional  herbalist in mind. Each botanical has been consciously  sourced and researched to reflect the solvent and  plant part traditionally used for supporting the health  of the immune system. ElderForte offers clinicians the  first Boneset, Elderberry and Elderflower blend on the  practitioner-only market authentically coupled with  traditional immune essentials, Elecampane, Echinacea and Calendula.



Herbal extracts equiv. to DRY Amount
Inula helenium root 3g
Sambucus nigra flower 2g
Echinacea pururea root 1.5g
Eupatorium perfoliatum flower and leaf 1.5g
Calendula officinalis flower 1.35g
Herbal dried juice equiv. to FRESH:
Sambucus nigra fruit juice 3.75g

Dose: Adults take 1 tablet up to three times daily or as recommended by your practitioner.


Not to be used in children under 5years of age. Contains sulfites and trace amounts of sugars.

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