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Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition is the consideration of every aspect of one's overall health picture including their physical, emotional, dietary/nutritional, physiological and lifestyle factors. These factors add up to create the level of vitality you enjoy or don't enjoy today. Each aspect builds on the next and balance in each area is vital for us to love life and express our full potential. Get in touch with Dr David Comely (Functional Nutritionist, Chiropractor, Kinesiologist) to book your functional nutrition consult.

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  • Stress Support

    An array of nutrients, herbs and homeopathic remedies aimed at supporting your adaptation to the load of life.

    Better adaptation 
  • Digestive Support

    Balanced digestive secretions combined with a healthy gut lining are crucial for well-being.

    Digestive ease and balance 
  • Liver and Detox

    Support the elimination and clearance of unwanted metabolites, chemicals and toxins from your system. Support your weight management.

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  • Brain Health

    Give your brain the circulation and nutrition it needs to function well so you can think with clarity and purpose.

    Supply and support my brain 
  • Inflammation Support

    Modulating our inflammation process effectively while also reducing the cause of inflammation is vital for you to be your best.

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  • Sleep Support

    A deep and restful night's sleep is vital for restoring and maintaining balance and strength in the body and mind.

    Enjoy more quality zzz's 
  • Hormone Balance

    Supporting the clearance of excess hormones and the production of the hormones we need is key in supporting vitality and our enjoyment of life.

    Balance my hormones 
  • Exercise Recovery

    Support your recovery after exercise to ensure you heal well and are ready to be active again.

    Recover well post workout 
  • Healing and Repair

    Giving the body all the nutrients it needs in combination with supportive herbs and homeopathic remedies will create the chance for effective efficient healing post injury or surgery.

    Facilitate my healing 
  • Pregnancy, Post-partum and Preconception

    Supporting the body during pregnancy, and the post-partum period are essential for Mum to stay vital. Sufficient preconception nutrients support a healthy baby and pregnancy.

    Support For Mum and Bub 
  • Energy Production Support

    Producing sufficient energy ensures our cells have all the power they need to express our brilliance without relying on excess cortisol & adrenalin.

    Produce more energy 
  • Nutrient Boost

    Life can be demanding and often we can use more resources than we take on or create in a day. This is where boosting our supplies will help meet our demands.

    Give me more to work with